The former DNC chair also said she considered replacing Hillary Clinton with Vice President Joe Biden on the 2016 presidential ticket after Clinton fainted before Election Day.

As expected, Trump's camp fired back dismissing the government agency's report findings.

In the early morning hours Wednesday, Trump was announced as the winner of the divisive, unprecedented election.

The National Action Network and TV One presented the annual Triumph Awards on TV One last night and encouraged Americans to vote through powerful spoken word performances like Nick Cannon‘s impassioned rap, speeches by the Mothers Of The Movement and more. Keep scrolling for highlights from the show: Pam & Cole Reunite Tichina Arnold hosted […]

The reality star declined to speak at the NAACP and the National Association of Black Journalist's annual conference, but thinks he can still reach everyday African-Americans.

The singer and drummer extraordinaire stands by Hillary Clinton and believes that Donald Trump's antics have made the political process look like a reality TV show.

The activist and scholar told Democracy Now! that America needs politicians who "can speak to all of the issues around racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia."

In their seventh meeting, Clinton and Sanders spar on the economy and admit their racial blind spots.

Charles Evers believes that a man who was reluctant to denounce the KKK is best for the state of Mississippi and the country at large.

Dolores Huerta, longtime civil rights activist and Clinton supporter, offered to translate in Spanish and claims she was met with much objection.

The ninth meeting of the remaining Republican candidates got zero to 100, real quick.

The moderator shocked audiences when she flipped the script and asked about White people's issues in this country right now.