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Old Friends Make Amends

Teairra Mari and Hazel meet up for the first time in a while to discuss their issues. What made them reconsider their friendship was the fact that TT reached out to Hazel after the latter’s grandfather passed away. This meeting wasn’t without the petty, but it also didn’t get too bad. Hazel tries to get Teairra to confess to giving Yung Berg sloppy top, but Teairra still denies it, claiming that Berg is a liar. Hazel admits that Berg is a liar, but still doesn’t believe TT in this situation. Despite that drama, they decide to just move forward. Looks like they’re cool again…for now.

Soulja Boy Is An Emotional Klutz

Nas basically confronts Soulja to tell him to stop telling her that he wants to be with her. He doesn’t feel like he’s wrong. In his mind, she’s just another sidepiece, and Nia is the main, but he doesn’t deny gassing Nas’ head with lies either. She repeats, once again, that he needs to stop telling her that he loves her when they’re having sex and hitting her up, and he tells her to stop stalking him. He also tries to paint her has delusional, but it’s not hard to believe that he lead her on.

Later in the episode, Nas and Nia meet up to allegedly “talk like two grown women.” You already know that nothing good ever comes out of people on reality shows talking about acting like mature adults. Instead, these two start throwing insults about whose vagina has more mileage, and who is more trifling. Nia tells Nas to stop being delusional, basically repeating Soulja Boy’s words, while Nas is saying that he keeps coming back to her. They almost come to blows, but security steps in. Once again, Teddy Riley weeps.

Introducing Brandi

Brandi a.k.a. Little B. is close friends with Ray J, Whitney Houston’s goddaughter, and the wife of Max Lux, “the hottest producer in LA.” Basically, he’s a creep and Brandi is a psycho who allows infidelity by continuing to stay in the relationship. She’s one of those women who blames other women for her husband’s infidelity, even though it takes two to tango, and he’s notorious for not wearing his ring.


Fizz Is Out Here Losing

Fizz’s current storyline is about him claiming that he’s living the single life yet he’s doing it wrong. Here’s the story…

He meets Kamiah, a model chick that he likes, and decides to give her the key to his crib and tells her to come stay with him and take two drawers. She also got to meet his mom and son. Long story short, when he gets home after telling Kamiah to make herself at home, he discovers that Kamiah actually made herself at home and then has the nerve to feel some type of way about it because she rearranged some furniture, and had her clothes and belongings all up and through his apartment. Later on in the episode, he vents his frustration to Omarion and Willy (from Day 26), and they thankfully inform him how stupid it is that he told Kamiah to get comfortable, and suggest that he now tell her what’s really good. More on that later…

Miles Has To Come Out Some Time

Milan confronts his boo Miles, to figure out what their situation is going to be. Milan is tired of Miles being on the low, and also asks if the latter is cheating. Miles denies that he’s cheating and is adamant about not being ready to come out yet ( you know, barring the cameras following them around). The argument goes nowhere, and after a while, he storms out of the apartment with nothing resolved.

Back To Fizz

Fizz invites Kamiah on a rock climbing date to let her know that she’s not the only girl, and that he’s “just trying to have fun.” He presents this terrible appetizer analogy and tells her that she’s just one of many. She isn’t into it, and rightfully so, because he tried it by lightweight asking her to move in.

Brandi Really Is Crazy

Brandi discovers that Max Lux didn’t wear his ring again, knowing he was going to the studio, so Brandi calls Nikki over. The ladies decide to do a stake out of the studio where Max Lux is partying with Ray J and tons of random chicks. All of the above is a terrible combination. Brandi starts spazzing out, and gives us a taste of her crazy (or stupid, depending on who you ask).


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