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Jenna discovers that there’s another popular born again virgin blogger that she happens to know from back in the day, and she’s not happy about this. The concept of being a born again virgin isn’t new, but Jenna knows for a fact that this chick stole her idea.

Tara gets disappointing news about a role she was up for. Apparently, she booked a job, but they want her to play the mother of a teenager, and she doesn’t feel old enough to play matronly roles. Kelly is stressed at work, and Jenna decides that they she all go out on the town to take some of the edge off.

While at the party Tara notices that Jenna is acting loopy, and then realizes it’s because she accidentally gave her Valium instead of Tylenol. To make matters worse, Jenna bumps into Chelsea, the chick who stole her blog idea. Jenna is too high to realize that she and Chelsea aren’t cool, so they become besties for the night. Kelly bumps into an ex…with his fiancée, and it’s as awkward as you’d imagine. She tries to pretend she’s fine, but she’s not because this ex is the one who got away.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Chelsea shoot a vlog, but then off camera Chelsea reveals that she’s still getting laid. They have a quick makeout session before Tara breaks that hot mess up. Kelly is off somewhere realizing how hurt she is by the fact that she just met her ex’s new fiancée, and breaks down. Tara is the voice of reason, for once, and escorts her girls out of the club. Girls night fail.

In the end, each woman was forced to confront something about herself that she was afraid of. Kelly was afraid that she wouldn’t find the one after losing the one who got away. Tara was afraid of becoming irrelevant, and Jenna was afraid that she wouldn’t be successful, and as a way to let go she even decided not to out Chelsea’s fake born again virgin shenanigans. Cheers to being the bigger person.


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