Born Again Virgin

Jenna realizes that her feelings for Donovan are strong after a night in jail with her girls.

Jenna helps Tara breaks things off with her best friend of 30 years, and Kelly meets Raj's parents.

Jenna contemplates having sex with David even after he starts acting shady.

Kelly's sister hooks her up with a handsome and chivalrous Indian doctor, but she has a hard time getting past his race.

Now that Jenna has a new boyfriend, she has to figure out how she and Donovan can remain friends without complicating matters.

Jenna's mom unexpectedly comes to town and drives everyone nuts.

TV One’s infectious comedy Born Again Virgin is back for another season of temptation, sex and shirtless scenes with Tank. Only a few hours separate us from catching up with Donovan (Tank), Jenna (Danielle Nicolet) and her girls as they navigate the dating world. In case you didn’t catch the first season, here’s why you […]

Jenna wonders if she's attracted to women, Tara's ex wants that old thing back, and more.

Jenna has a meltdown when a freelance assignment forces her to think of date ideas that don't involve sex.