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Most of us get that comedy is sometimes edgy, and that jokes will occasionally (or often) offend people, but children should absolutely be off limits. That latter part is a message hopefully being learned by the writers of Amy Poehler’s new show, Difficult People, because they are getting dragged for filth by the Beyhive and people who generally believe the joke was beyond tasteless.

Difficult People is a show from Amy Poehler and the people behind Funny or Die’s popular series, Billy on the Street. The series which will begin streaming on Hulu later this month, is set around two best friends seeking love and happiness in New York City. It’s described as a cross between Curb Your Enthusiasm fan Sex and the City.

Some viewers got a preview during a New York City screening of the show, and things escalated quickly.

Via the Daily News:

In the opening scene when both of the show’s stars are seen bombarded by tourists, panhandlers and other New Yorkish crazy types as they walk down bustling streets. One frustrated woman asks ‘Can you tell me how to get to 9/11?”

By day, Billy (Eichner) is an aloof, lovelorn waiter hoping to score a role in a TV show. Julie (Klausner) is a sort of celebrity in her own right: by day she’s a blogger/television series recap queen who obsesses about her value on social media. She also has bawdy sense of humor that causes her much grief (in one scene she wonders if Beyonce’s toddler daughter Blue Ivy is old enough for R. Kelly).

You get the idea, but I’m with these tweeters. The joke was sick, and I don’t even understand why a room full of several writers, including Amy Poehler, who is a mother of children who aren’t too far in age from Blue Ivy, thought this was cute. Even if the show’s main character has that type of inappropriate humor, the joke could have been something else not involving a 3-year-old.

I’m surprised people weren’t roasting even more.


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