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#TeamBeautiful kicked off the month of August at Color Comm Network’s annual conference in Miami. In its second year, #C2Miami ‘s events and speakers were a wealth of knowledge on the communications industry.

Among the high-power names in attendance were Lisa Ling, Gloria Steinem, Intel’s Chief Diversity Officer Rosaline Hudnell, Fashion Bomb Daily creator Claire Sulmers and McDonald’s vice president of global media relations. Major corporations including Toyota, Coca Cola and Prudential were also in the house and their representatives shared tips and tricks for “the new reality” of the digital age.

Here are the top five things we took away from this amazing weekend:

Using Your Voice Is More Important Than Ever

Legendary activist and journalist Gloria Steinem spoke to a crowd of hundreds at C2, and she shared some incredibly valuable insight. Namely, that voting is more critical than ever.

Steinem also shared the importance of women coming together to support other women, namely in the areas of equal pay.

Women Are Still Not As Financially Independent As We Should Be

Prudential hosted a money-management panel called “Empowering You,” where financial experts shared some pretty shocking news. But scary statistics aside, attendees were treated to a number of great expert tips.  Not only were we excited to hear from WOC panelists like Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, aka the Money Coach, and Silvia Tergas of Prudential, but we also learned a thing or two about how poor money management can affect your entire life.

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Male Perception Of Their Female Co-Workers May Not Look How You Think It Does

One of the most interesting (and uncomfortable) discussions was “The Male Point Of View” panel, which brought together male executives like Torod Neptune, Vice President Of Communications for Verizon. The men had some interesting points to make about women in the workplace.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

Let’s face it, this economy has its terrifying moments, which are hardly conducive to taking risks. But if you’re going to grow, sometimes that’s the most important step to take. Color Comm panelists encouraged women to do just that.

A big part of taking risks is definitely having the right people behind you. Events like #C2 are a great place to network and meet others in your field who can help you along the way.

Images Of Women In Media Are Improving But We’re Not There YET

HelloBeautiful hosted a panel at C2 about images of women of color in the media, and attendees and panelists had quite a bit to say. An overwhelming majority of women are excited about positive role models like Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and Kerry Washington, as well as shows with more representation of us on television like Empire, Black-ish, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal, but many expressed the need for more, more, more!

But it wasn’t all about images in media — we also discussed women in the workplace. Panelists Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, Sonji Jacobs Dade of Cox Enterprises and Heidi M. Barker of McDonald’s gave the audience great tips on how to conduct yourself in the workplace and how to control your image on social media.

Their number one tip? Sometimes, you have to speak up for yourself, especially as a woman of color in an office where you may be the minority. But do so respectfully and authentically.


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