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Last night’s episode of Power most likely had your face stuck on this for a hot second (or maybe even the entire episode):

Do not continue reading this if you haven’t gotten to watch it yet, because there will be a spoiler.

Free Tommy

We open with the reminder that Tommy is behind bars, and he’s facing a very long time in jail if convicted. Tommy is obviously a criminal, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t sad to watch him have to squat and cough. It was even sadder when he thought he saw Ghost for a hot second. Yet, when he realized it wasn’t Ghost, he starts to believe that Ghost set him up. Eventually, he meets his pit bull lawyer, Mr. Proctor, who was hired by Ghost, but it’s still not looking good for Tommy’s freedom.

Angela Has A lot At Stake

Angela gets props at work for the Lobos bust and Mike wants to know how she knew about the meeting at the hotel. She lies, of course, but here’s the thing…Lobos insinuated that he has a plant in the Feds a few episodes ago, so could it be Mike? Later on Greg makes it clear to Angela that he doesn’t believe her and that she better prepare for the consequences if she gets exposed.


Ghost tries to get Angela to ease up on Tommy since the feds really want Lobos, and they #gotheem. However, Angela says that the only way Tommy may get a modicum of mercy is if he testifies against Lobos. Ghost makes it clear that that’s not happening. They grew up together, so even Angela knows that snitching is a major violation.

How To Get Away With Murder 101

Kanan and Dre school Shawn on how to assassinate Ghost, and give him explicit instructions on what to do when the time arises. Shawn is to transport Ghost as usual, shoot him real quick at a stoplight or something, and then bring the dead body to Kanan and Dre where they will handle the rest. The most important rule is to not get pulled over by the cops. But um, Shawn gets stopped by the cops due to a detour in the road. Look, Shawn doesn’t have a murderous bone in his body, despite who his father is. We knew this mission was going to get botched no matter what happened. More on the consequences of this fail later.

Tasha Plans To be Out

Tasha is nervous about Tommy’s situation and knows it’s only a matter of time before the feds start chasing down Ghost, so she makes her own escape plan. She managed to save up $200,000, which as LaKeisha eloquently put it, is her shoe budget for the month, and plans to get out of dodge. Tasha knows it’s not enough, but she plans to take the children…and Shawn (a detail she didn’t tell Keisha), with her wherever she can to get away from the madness.

Tommy’s Get Outta Jail Free Card

Tommy finds himself back in court, but this time Mr. Proctor got a hold of some information that allows Tommy to walk. Remember that partial sketch of Ghost that Angela had created based on tidbits of info she got from Ruiz’s underage daughter? Yeah…that came back to haunt her. The feds didn’t include that sketch as evidence in actually ID’ing Tommy, which Angie claimed was a clerical error, but the judge wasn’t stupid. It’s too convenient of a “clerical error,” so Tommy is free at last! The judge also suggested someone on the Feds side face disciplinary action for this.

Tell The Truth

Later on, Angela confronts James at Truth and accuses him of stealing the completed sketch from her apartment. James accuses her of cloning his phone. BONG!

At the end of this standoff, Angela asks James if he is Ghost, and he pulls a neither deny nor confirm move by saying, “If I was Ghost, do you really think I’d answer that question?”

Angela, convinced that he is Ghost storms out with a final, “F—k you, Jamie!”

Ghost goes downstairs to get a drink and that’s when he’s confronted by Shawn, who once again tries to pull off the big hit. Ghost tells Shawn that he wasn’t even wearing the right set of clothes because of blowback, and that he’s really just not about this life. Shawn still tries to talk himself into shooting Uncle G and tells him that he had been “taking care” of Tasha, and that he knows that it was him who set up his father to go to prison. As expected, Shawn fails immaculately again. Ghost gets a hold of his gun, but doesn’t shoot. Instead, Ghost tells Shawn that he won’t kill him as long as he leaves New York, and stays out for good. Shawn was planning to leave anyway with Tasha, but not before seeing his dad one last time.

Greg Be Knowin

Greg, while lowkey stalking Angela, figures out that James and Ghost are the same person. He confronts Angela to tell her that he believes that she had been covering up for her boo this entire time. Angela, now also a woman scorned, confesses that James set her up. They decide to start building a case against Ghost.

Shawn Says Goodbye

Shawn goes to tell Kanan that he has plans to leave town and to be a better man than he ever was. Kanan has other plans to put Shawn in the grave. That’s exactly what happened, and we were all like:

Dude, we know you’re a sociopath and all, but your own son?! Talk about the devil incarnate.

And now we’re all in our feelings, because Shawn didn’t deserve that. Of all the people who should have or could have gotten got, it was the one who least deserved it. Sigh…

There’s only one episode of the season left.

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