The full text of the exchange between Sandra Bland and Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia has been making the rounds on the web now that the dashcam video of Bland being detained has been released by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The transcript highlights the ways in which Encinia irritates and tests Bland during their exchange.

In the video, Bland, a Black Lives Matter activist that was well aware of her rights in dealing with the police as a civilian, challenges Encinia on his demands towards her. Encinia, in response, tells Bland that she was arrested before she left the vehicle, and scolded her for moving after telling her to move. He also wouldn’t explain to her why she was being arrested and haphazardly threw Bland to the ground to put her into handcuffs.

Some police officers who have watched and evaluated the footage maintain that despite her pushback towards Encinia, Bland complied with the arrest accordingly by answering the trooper’s questions. Furthermore, it’s apparent in the footage that Encinia went against procedure by unconstitutionally extending the traffic stop and arresting Bland out of his own frustration, rather than in response to Bland displaying illegal behavior.

Read the full transcript at the Huffington Post.


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