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Holly and Angela Walk Into a Diner…

Yeah, there’s no joke in this case. That’s really just not a good thing. Angela met up with Holly to press her about whether she was telling the truth about James being Ghost or not. Angela tells Holly that she needs to present proof, and it can’t be based on hearsay. If Holly can’t come up with something good then Tommy is going to get indicted. The best Holly had to offer was that there was a gun that Tommy hid for James so, her mission is to find that gun as evidence.

The Serbians Are Down For Now

Ghost and Tommy’s plan to get the Serbs on their side worked. However, there could be dire consequences if the Serbs find out that this whole thing was a set up. The leader of the Serbs’ crew is definitely not wrapped too tight as evidenced by the fact that he cut up the man he thought betrayed him with a chainsaw like it was as mundane as slicing a Christmas turkey.

Trouble At The Office

Greg is getting suspicious of Angela. He doesn’t tell her that he saw her with James a couple of nights ago, but when he poses a seemingly innocent question about her night, she lies. In other work news, the feds are trying to figure out a sting operation suitable enough for catching Tommy, Lobos and hopefully Ghost in the event that he isn’t Tommy as they suspected.

Table Talk

Tommy and James link up to talk business. Tommy’s main order of business is to tell James to keep an eye on Angela, but Holly arrives to their dinner much to James’ chagrin. Tommy, steps away for a moment to find their waiter, and James warns her that she better leave town or else. They set up a meeting at Truth so that she can pick up the train ticket and money that James had long been waiting for her. When Tommy gets back to the table, James decides to dip out and leave the lovers alone.

Nighttime Shenanigans

Holly also agreed to meet up with Angela at around the same time she was supposed to meet James at Truth. She showed up to Truth and almost got on the train, but because this is Holly, she had second thoughts about skipping town. More on this later.

Jamie gets arrested after rear-ending another car for driving while intoxicated. Tasha shows up to the precinct to see if he’s okay…and so does Angela, not so much to see if he’s okay, but because Tommy’s associates were flagged in their database, so she told her co-workers that she’d go down to the precinct to see if he’d talk. They’re pushing hard for an arrest warrant for Tommy.

Tasha is still furious with Jamie for drinking while driving, and even more so when Angela shows up. James says he doesn’t know how she knew, but it doesn’t matter at the moment because once Angela sees Tasha, she makes an about face. James is eventually let go because he’s not over the legal limit.

Tasha gives James a ride home and asks why he’s so into Angela over her, and he gives this B.S. story about Angela being the one that got away. Tasha goes off feeling like sloppy seconds, and James then tries to clean it up by saying that he’s also still messing with her because she’s a fed who is close to arresting Tommy. Tasha lands a few hits on James’ face before calming down because she is the only one who thinks about the real implications here. If Tommy gets arrested so will they. James foolishly believes that Angela’s investigation is rapping up but Tasha knows better. She points out that Angela has probably been protecting him in ways he’s not even aware of, and makes it clear to Ghost that if they go to jail then their kids are screwed. Ghost says he has to figure out his next move, but obviously his good sense can’t be trusted, so Tasha tells him to “keep f—ing her.”

Tasha wants to use this love that James and Angela have for each other to protect their family business. The objective right now is for James to keep Angela happy.

“You keep fucking that bitch until I tell you to stop” says Tasha.

Boss up like a G, Tasha, yes!

Speaking of bossing up, Shawn meets up with Tasha in the parking lot of her building when she gets back home to see if she and James are okay. At first she’s short with him saying she doesn’t want to talk about her night. She asks him if he can take her car to the shop in the morning and he says he’ll take a look, which must have turned her on because she took one look at that tall dark piece of chocolate who is willing to do anything for her and went in for a kiss. That kiss led to them getting it on in the backseat of her care, and it was hot! Even though Ghost and Kanan will be livid if (or when) they find out, we’re still like yaaaassss! The two underdogs got the healing that they needed.

 Ghost Puts On A Show

Angela stops by Ghost’s place and demands to know where Holly is, being sloppy. Ghost asks her how she knows Holly and Angela reveals that her name came up in an investigation and that she thinks Tommy killed her. Ghost explains that Holly and Tommy got into a fight and that he sent her out of town with money, so she won’t be found unless she wants to be. However, now that Angela is at his place, he says he wants her to stay and tries to convince her that he’s a good guy. Yeah…so was Chucky, and we know how that turned out.

Ghost seduces Angela, because it’s that easy, and she sticks around for the night. Their weakness for each other could be the end of them both.

Holly The Screw up

Holly doesn’t board the train like she was supposed to. Instead, she gets the bright idea to try and convince Tommy to run away with her. She seduces him and gets him to lock one of his hands to his bed with cuffs, then tells him Angela’s plan to find proof that James is Ghost. She tells him that if they rat him out and leave town, all will be right with the world. Tommy gets irate, and rightfully so, because his loyalty to Ghost is unmatched. He can’t believe she had the audacity to suggest that he’d set up his boy so he starts cursing her out and demanding to be unlocked. Holly, upset that he won’t choose her over Ghost, leaves him locked to the bed. That’s probably a good thing though, because had he been free, he might have actually killed Holly.


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