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Hello, my dear. Here are some of today’s top stories to get your Wednesday morning started.

Florida Church Vandalized, Perpetrators Scrawl ““SS. Charleston 2” On Property

There has been yet another attack made on one of America’s sacred Black spaces. The New Shiloh Christian Center of Melbourne, FL has received its third attack from vandals since February, as glass was shattered and the interior of the church was ransacked. The truck belonging to the bishop of the church was also vandalized with the words “SS. Charleston 2” graffitied on one of its doors. Officials are calling the incident a hate crime. Read more at The Root.

Alabama NAACP Comes For Confederate Flag On State Troopers’ Cruisers, Uniforms

“We need to do a clean sweep,” says Rev. Robert L. Shanklin of the NAACP on the rebel flag. Shanklin and his affiliates at the local NAACP chapter are calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from Alabama’s State Highway patrol vehicles and officers’ uniforms. Local troopers are aware of the NAACP’s demands, but are claiming that changes must be made at the state level. Read more at WAFF.

Republicans Push Back Against Iran Nuclear Deal

As difficult as it was for world powers to come to an agreement on curbing Iran’s nuclear powers, it may be just has difficult to get the US Congress to sign-off on the deal. Republicans have already vowed to block the bill to President Obama’s great disappointment—as this deal is what many are considering to be his biggest diplomatic accomplishment in office. Congress has another 60 days to review the agreement which they can pass, reject or leave untouched. Read more at the New York Times.

Aurora Shooting Trial Goes To Jury

A jury is now deciding on whether to convict James Holmes, the shooter who killed 12 and injured 70 in an Aurora, CA movie theater, of first degree murder. Holmes himself did not testify during the closing arguments; the court was packed with family members of the shooting victims. If found guilty, Holmes would receive a life sentence or the death penalty. If found not guilty by insanity, Holmes would be committed to a mental institution. Read more at WBALTV.

Surveillance Video Of El Chapo’s Escape Released 

In the grainy footage watching over drug loard Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s jail cell, Guzman is seen escaping the prison through his cell’s shower. It is suspected that his cartel, Sinaloa, had been infiltrating Mexico’s prison system to create architectural plans for his escape. The prison’s director and other officials have been fired. Investigators believe they may have been helping El Chapo make the big run. Read more at CNN.

IMF Blocks Greek Bailout Plan, Demands Debt Relief

The International Monetary Fund has issued its warning that it will back out of Greece’s bailout plan. The IMF is arguing that Greece’s debt needs to be reduced to make the bailout plan more sustainable. Analysts find the opposition from IMF especially strange and problematic, as not only has the German Chancellor Angela Merkel already said that a “haircut” is out of the question, but officials are expected to vote on terms of the bailout agreement today. Read more at CNBC.


World Powers Make Historic Settlement In Iran Nuclear Deal

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