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Karen Cooper is a member of a group known as “The Virginia Flaggers.” They claim their weapon is the Confederate flag, and that their enemies are people who worship ignorance, historical revisionism and political correctness. Cooper, who is Black, believes that the Confederate flag represents freedom.


In a recent interview, which is part of a documentary project about the flag, Cooper revealed that she was raised in the North as a member of Nation of Islam, but felt more welcome when she moved to the South. She was introduced to the “flagger” movement by friends of hers, who also happened to be Tea Partiers, on Facebook.

“I know what people think about when they see the battle flag — the KKK, racism, bringing slavery back — so I knew it would be something for people to see a black woman with the battle flag.”

Cooper claims she isn’t advocating slavery, because slavery is something that happened everywhere and, get this, being a slave is a choice. She based this on Patrick Henry’s famous statement, “Give me liberty, or give me death.’”

Slaves, according to Cooper, should have opted for death.

Yeah, she’s a slave alright. Now she gets the be the shiny pony in the room full of people who hate her skin, but tolerate her because she’s “not like the rest of them.”

Also, did you peep that NOI reference? How does one go from NOI to being a “flagger?” Something isn’t right with this woman, and there must be pieces of the story missing. Was she traumatized?

And Harriet Tubman wept.

What the…


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