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There’s nothing like graduating–high school, college or grade school, it doesn’t matter. Your kid accomplished a goal, that deserves a round of applause…or a billboard. That’s exactly what New Jersey mom, Ovella O’Neil did for her 18-year-old son, Aljelani “AJ” Igwe, who finished high school and is on his way to college to study engineering.

The billboard celebrating her son set O’Neil back a smooth $725 and she didn’t care! The billboard reads: “A mother can’t raise a man, but I raised a gentleman. We have the total package. Love, your family. Congratulations 2015!” Awwww!

Talk about mom and her embarrassing ways! Even though she is a mother of six, O’Neil knows how to make each and every one of her kids feel special, but her graduating son made her proud enough to share it with the world, “He has always been a super kid… He is always on the right track.”

It was easy to be on the right track when O’Neil’s strict rules kept her kids in line. She doesn’t allow her children to have cell phones nor girlfriends or boyfriends. She says those things are distracts and, “My kids can have those things when they are done with school and have a job to pay for them.”

Igwe obviously understands the value of a dollar. And when he starts making those big buck from engineering, guess what he’s going to buy? ‘He told CBS Philly, “I know I want my own house and my mom wanted a BMW so I’m going to try and get her that too.”

Swoon! Don’t you just love this kid?!


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