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Dominique Young always knew that her voice was her purpose. She was never sure how it was to be used, but her gift just had to be shared. She heard about Diddy’s grand project to create a girl group all on reality TV, but she was uninterested and was pursuing an internship in Los Angeles, but her mother forced her to audition when Diddy put out the call for a second group of women because he wasn’t convinced by the first group.

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She auditioned, she made it on the show. You might remember Dominique from that one time on Making The Band 3 when she was given the chance to sing for everyone and boy, did she!? Dominique crooned Deborah Cox’s classic hit, “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” and not only did she stay because she impressed Diddy, but she made Laurie Ann Gibson cry.

It was her experience on Making The Band that exposed Dominique to the music industry and she didn’t like what she saw. Dominique told #TeamBeautiful exclusively, “The closer I got to where I wanted to be, the more I questioned whether or not if it was what I truly wanted because I wasn’t ready. What the music industry gives to the world is an amazing thing, but it’s also a beast. It’s an animal and it requires for so many people to compromise most, if not all of your morals.”

“I kept feeling uncomfortable. I wanted to be singing and it wasn’t the focus. The closer I got to my dream, the further I was from the studio and actually doing what I love,” Dominique said.

And now, Dominique is doing what she loves. She’s a teacher in New York City, but she’s still following her heart when it comes to music.

“I spent some years trying to figure out where do I  go now?,” Dominique said. ” I was so jaded, for a while, I didn’t even open my mouth to sing. I felt lost musically after seeing what I saw in the music industry.” But she knew she couldn’t live without music, so she started putting her name back out there. “It wasn’t on the scale of Making the Band, but I had a fan base.”

Opening for acts like Teedra Moses and Eric Roberson, Dominique knew that she would continue to use her vocal talent. “I know I have to minister through music, i just have to figure out the capacity,” Dominique smiled.

And if you’re wondering–she no longer talks to Diddy, but she does talk with some of the girls who didn’t make the band, like Taquita. (But who didn’t love her? MTV even gave Taquita her own show alongside fellow non-band member, Kaui.)

Check out the video above to see what Dominique is up to and how her beautiful voice held up after all these years! Spoiler alert: She’s still got those killer pipes!

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