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The Mondays. We’ve all been there. That anxiety/panic attack that you have when you wake up on Monday morning as you feel unprepared for yet another work week. And usually the feeling of unpreparedness leads to things seemingly not going the way you want. But what if you took some time on Sunday to get prepared for your week. It’s something a lot of highly productive people do.

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Here are five things to consider doing on Sundays that should make your Monday and the rest of your week smoother:

1. Meal Prep. I know, meal prep can seem like a lot of work but just taking a half hour to cut vegetables or preparing the ingredients you need for your protein, can make a world of difference. (Plus it’ll make you healthier. That’s a win-win.)

2. Organize your closet, keeping your outfits in mind. Nothing worse than waking up one day during the week and realizing that the blouse you wanted to wear is stained. If you have a general idea of what you want to wear and can check them out, those frustrations can be avoided.

3. Check your calendar. It is too easy to wait until your Monday commute to look over what’s going on in your week. But just seeing what you have planned can set your mind at ease, and re-think how you want to spend each day depending on level of business.

4. Take a half hour to “just be.” Not to get all yogi-like on you but how many times do you ever just stop and breathe? Many of us do not know how to live in the moment and when our weekends are coming to close, we tend to dread the week ahead. Just stop and be with yourself for a few minutes.

5. Avoid the “after 8 p.m. Sunday night anxiety” by doing something fun or relaxing. We’ve all been there. That Sunday night feeling that makes Monday look like a monster. Instead of falling into it, read a book, put some music on and dance, visit a friend and have a glass of wine. You’ll be fine. You will be more than fine. Each day is a blessing…even Mondays.


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