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“These are the end times.” If you grew up religious or around religious folks, you’ve probably heard this statement once or twice in your life. Maybe you’ve even uttered it too. In fairness, if you turn to any page in human history, it seems that we have been messing up as a species one way or the other, since the very beginning. But that aside, there has been some strange news recently that kind has us wondering maybe the Big Man Upstairs and the earth are all the way done with us.

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1. Scientists say there is proof we are currently in the sixth mass extinction where a large and diverse number of animals are in danger of never being seen again. Thanks to human activity, we have allowed more species to go extinct in the last 100 years than they would have under natural extinction, which would have taken over 11,000 years. Good job humans. Smh.

2. Over 15,000 bees swarmed the nation’s capital on Friday afternoon which led to some commotion on Capitol Hill. This sounds like a Bible story you might know. (Side-eye: Is God punishing our ineffective Congress?)

3. Donald Trump is running for president. (Which if he had any real chance of winning, I think we can all agree that the earth finally calling it quits doesn’t sound bad as an alternative.)

4. She who shall no longer be named on here literally tried to convince the world that she was Black, and expected Black people to cape for her. (Girl, bye.)

5. Don Lemon actually defended Black people in pain in a rare moment when the trial judge in South Carolina expressed sympathies to the killer’s family before the victims of the families of the dead. (LOL. Couldn’t resist putting this one.)

Okay so clearly we’re being facetious with some of these. Either way, human beings, we have got to get our act together with the way we’re messing this earth up and treating each other. We all live on this planet called earth, we’ve got to learn to take care of it and each other before our time is up, whenever that is.


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