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By now, you already know that the past couple of months have been quite the rollercoaster ride for Brittney Griner and Glory Jones. Back in April, the two were arrested following a domestic dispute, but the couple still got married shortly after that.

Weeks after getting married, Jones announced that she was pregnant, and a day after that, Griner filed for an annulment after only 28 days of marriage. Speculation began that perhaps Jones’ pregnancy was the result of infidelity, and not artificial insemination.

Obviously this couple doesn’t need to be married, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less painful. ESPN’s Kate Fagan caught up with Griner this week to discuss the split. Fagan discussed everything we could possibly wonder about the volatile union, and Griner seemed to give honest answers, even breaking down in tears at one point.

Check out some of these nuggets from the interview:

On Rushing Into The Marriage

Prior to us getting married, I knew I shouldn’t have done it, I knew I shouldn’t have went through with it. And I talked to Glory about it but sometimes you feel pressured into things and I went along with it and I knew I shouldn’t have. It was a huge mistake. I just know it was a mistake now. And that’s why I filed for annulment.

With everything going on, counseling and classes, it just wasn’t the right way to start off our marriage. It wasn’t the right way to start off the unity like that. I wanted to take the time to get myself right and it shouldn’t have [happened].

On What She Would Have Done Differently On The Night Of The Altercation

Walk away. No matter what, just walk away. No matter what it is, walk away from the altercation. If you see it getting heated, you see it escalating, just walk away. No matter what is said, or done. It never ends good. Domestic violence is never ok, no matter what the situation is. No matter what it is, it is never the answer. It’s never right.

Staying there was my worst decision. I should’ve left.

On What’s Next For Griner

Here, Fagan  asks Griner to described the past 10 months, and this is when she breaks down crying, but she does manage to answer the question:

Just submerge myself in basketball…just submerge myself in basketball. Practicing, getting the team better, getting myself better and just counting these next six games until I get back on the court.

According to Griner, both parties agreed to the annulment. As far as Johnson’s pregnancy, Griner says she was surprised but that it’s too early to post or say anything about it. She later admitted that she was actually surprised that Johnson announced it, since she was only a few weeks along.

Hopefully this will be a lesson to people who seem to believe that marriage is a quick fix to relationship problems. It’s not. If the communication is jacked up before the marriage, it’s only going to get harder once those vows are exchanged.

We wish them the best on their respective roads to getting back on track.


Brittney Griner And Glory Johnson Marry Just Weeks After Domestic Violence Arrest.

Brittney Griner And Glory Johnson Arrested After Domestic Dispute.