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There’s no age limit on professionalism. In fact, Lauren Wesley Wilson, the founder of Color Comm, the networking organization for women of color in communications, is living proof. The 30-year-old never let her youth stop her from succeeding. While many people in the professional world turn their noses up at entitled youth, Wilson intrigued everyone around her.

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From internships at Edelman PR, to working as the Communications Director for a Texas congresswoman to managing media relations, there’s not a career step that Wilson hasn’t dominated and she’s only 30! She’s been on almost every impressive career list you know–PR Week’s 40 Under 40, HelloBeautiful’s 25 Women to Know and more!

She’s now on a mission to diversify the communications industry and bring visibility to women of color at the senior level. To say she’s collected a wealth of fabulous must-use professional advice is an understatement. So we just had to ask her for invaluable advice for young women who are or want to be professional. You’ll be refreshingly surprised by her pointers. Check out the video below:

1. Don’t ask someone to be your mentor.

The focus is to develop a relationship, so focus on building one organically.

2. Focus on building relationships with people at the mid-level.

If you’re mid-level, don’t go for the EVP. They don’t have time for you. Go for someone who is a bit closer to your age.

3. Maintain relationships like it’s your job

It is not the job of your mentor to maintain the relationship. It is your job to chase after them.

4. Be specific in your ask.

People send emails that are so broad and open-ended. If you want a coffee meeting, suggest a place, date and time.

BONUS: If you really want to meet with someone, suggest meeting in her office.

That person won’t have to think, drive or spend time getting to you. It’s an appointment. If you suggest their office, 9 times out of 10, they will give you the 15 minutes you seek

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