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Thank God it’s Friday, right?!! Here’s your news stories for today. Happy weekend!

Woot Woot: Baltimore Public Students Now Get Free Meals Regardless of Income

Charm City is now abandoning its tiered-payment system for lower, middle and upper income class students at its public schools. State legislators passed a bill that would offer students equal access to meals, all in the hopes of providing each child balanced, nutritional meals and undoing the stigma for the 16 percent of students from lower-income homes who were the only ones that were previously eligible for free breakfast and lunch. In contrast, students from higher earning families would previously pay between a quarter and a $1.25 for their meals. Read more at The Root.

Epic Fail: More Than 4 Million U.S. Government Officials Hacked; Obama Administration Expands NSA Surveillance On Internet Traffic 

US investigators now believe that China has hacked into the personal information of millions of American government employees. China, however, has been denying the charge that they’re building a database of Americans’ information. This is possibly the largest computer data breach in US government history. Simultaneously, the NY Times and ProPublica are reporting that the Obama administration widened surveillance over web activity to find malevolent computer hacking from foreign sources back in 2012. This information comes days after the US Freedom Act was passed, a highly contentious legislation barring the US government from tapping into Americans’ phone records without specialized warrants. Read the stories at CNN, and the New York Times.

We’re One Step Closer To ‘Female Viagra’!

That’s right! An FDA advisory panel has suggested that flibanserin, a substance created to increase female arousal, receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The committee voted 18-6; this is the third time that lobbyists have advocated for the FDA to help put “female Viagra” on the market. Read more of the story at the Washington Post.

Michael Brelo Has No Chill, Arrested Days After Acquittal For Fatally Shooting Timothy Russell & Malissa Williams

So somehow our justice system will arrest a man for drunkenly fighting with his brother, but will let him get off scot-free for murdering an innocent couple. That’s exactly what happened to Cleveland Cop Michael Brelo on May 27. Brelo and his brother surrendered to the police after they arrived at his home and found them covered in bruises. Brelo is now facing assault charges and is scheduled for an arraignment on June 10. Read the story at the Huffington Post.

Activist’s Hitmen Were Secretly Freed After 25 Year Prison Sentencing

The world fell in love with Malala Yousafzai, the renowned female education activist, after her story of being shot in the head on her way to school back in 2012 made worldwide headlines. But it looks like the Pakistani government couldn’t be concerned. Last month, officials claimed that all 10 suspects involved with the shooting were given 25 year sentences. However, it’s recently been revealed that only two men were sentenced while the other eight were surreptitiously acquitted and sent home without any public announcement to “avoid a media fuss.” SMH. Read the story at the Mirror.


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