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It was revealed during last night’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their second child! Since there are no Annes and Johns in the celebrity offspring world, the name these celebrated humans give to their children are often of a unique pedigree. Names like Apple, Blue, King or even Sparrow often make the cut.

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So we’re wondering, “How are they going to top North West?” Choosing a child’s name is tough work as it stays with them for life, but having to pick a name that’s just as original as “North West,” well they’ve got a hell of a task at hand! That’s why we’re offering our services in hopes to alleviate some of the stress of naming Baby West.

Here are 10 baby names that Kim and Kanye should consider for new baby Kimye:

1. Go West

Come on you love it! And it fits perfectly with their love of directional type names. Though saying “Go, go sit down” all the time would put me in hysterics.

2. South West

This one is everyone’s favorite already and obviously this is North’s polar opposite. How cute, right? Or wrong…?

3. Adam West

The caped crusader! If Kimye are Batman fans, they could name the baby after the first actor to play the superhero. Then you could dress him/her in capes, all day all day.

4. Fievel Goes West

Remember the cartoon mouse who made us all want to travel the world? Fievel and his family chased the American dream and so does Kanye and his!

5. Beyoncé West

Don’t act like you don’t know how much Kanye loves Beyoncé. She’s the greatest of all times! Naming his kid Beyoncé would give Kanye his very own Beyoncé.

6. Kanye West

Kanye has called himself a God several times over. So making something in his own image and naming it after himself? That would fulfill his God complex, wouldn’t it?

7. Mae West

Old Hollywood glamour meets hip hop baby royalty when you use this diva’s moniker. Adorable!

8. East West/ West West

Now that we’ve included the whole compass you have to admit these names are pretty catchy.

9. Tribe Called West

Why not name baby number two after dad’s favorite rap group of all time? Here we go yo?!

10. Nine West

We know, we know–this brand isn’t high end enough for the Kardashian-Wests, but it’s still cute. And celebrities love naming their kids numbers, right Erykah Badu?

11. Givenchy West

Fashion is Kanye’s passion so it makes since that he would choose one of his favorite fashion houses. Besides Adidas West just doesn’t sound as nice.

What do you think Kimye will name baby West?

Words by: MommieKnowsFresh, Caprece Cotton-Sturdivant


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