1. Mom, I look Fine

When Kim was fixing her skirt and she thought it was fine before.

2. Why Does She Dress Us Alike?

When Kim wanted to be twinsies and North was like, or nah.

3. Mom, Move!

When North wanted Kim to move so she could see what’s what.

4. Is He Supposed To Be Holding Me Like This?

When she didn’t trust the way Kanye held her.

5. *Side Eye*

When her side eye could rival Prince’s.

6. Mom, I’m Pretty Sure I’m Not Supposed To Wear This

When Kim put her in a fabric that babies just shouldn’t wear.

7. The Look Of “Help” In Her Eyes

When she screamed “HELP!” with her eyes.

8. I’m Sleep Though

When she couldn’t take it anymore and just went to sleep.

9. This View Though

When she was walking with Kanye and Kim and was completely over her view of Kim’s thighs.

10. What Is This Velvet?!

When she wasn’t feeling her daddy’s fabric choice.

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