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Lisa Sawyer is demanding justice for her 20-year-old son, Ty Sawyer who died tragically following a fight on April 26 in Middletown, Delaware.  According to reports, police and paramedics found Sawyer unconscious about 2 a.m. after being called to a home in the 200 block of East Bradford Court in Misty Vale Farm. He was rushed to Christiana Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Police say they don’t have evidence to file charges and medical authorities still haven’t determined his cause of death. Via social media, Ms. Sawyer has been led to believe that her son was beaten to death and is demanding that criminal charges be filed against the man who allegedly fought her son. There’s a petition on that states University of Delaware hockey player Patrick Downey, who also happens to be the son of two former police officers, is her son’s murderer.

According to Free Thought Project, Downey allegedly beat Sawyer, knocking him unconscious, then kicked him in the head, killing him. It has been reported that Downey’s mother took him into the police station after the murder in an apparent attempt at damage control. Together they filed a reportedly false claim that the two young men “agreed to fight.” As a Facebook post by Danielle Balback points out:

“Ty never never got a chance to tell police that he did NOT agree to fight. He couldn’t, he had been viciously beaten and kicked to death, just a few hours before. And even if Ty had agreed to fight, did police get details on the terms of that agreement? Did Patrick Downey claim that the ‘two agreed to fight until one of them was DEAD’?”
Before the Sawyer family or any of deceased young man’s friends knew what happened, police ruled his death “not a homicide.”
Can they even do that? Sawyer was murdered and instead of an investigation, the authorities favored Downey and claimed that the fight was agreed upon.

“It angers me because I just want to know what happened,” Ms. Sawyer said Monday. “My son cannot speak for himself, so I will speak for him and I will make sure that this is handled properly.”

She also said the lead detective has been disrespectful to her during the most painful time in her life.

“I don’t trust the New Castle County police,” she said. “There’s so much corruption.”

Ms. Sawyer held a funeral for her son last Saturday, May 1, but his body has still not been laid to rest. She might have her own autopsy done if she is not satisfied with the results, she said, mentioning the ongoing scandal over drug evidence stolen from the former state Medical Examiner’s Office. SMH. Sounds like a cover up is going on and Downey should be brought to justice!

This reminds us of the case when 16-year-old Ethan Couch got away with driving drunk and killing and injuring several people because his family is one-percenter rich.

Kimberly H. Chandler, the spokeswoman for the State Department of Safety and Homeland Security said, “The manner and cause of death are pending further studies,” including toxicology tests on Sawyer, Chandler said Monday. The final report should be ready in about three to four weeks “but it could take longer.” Toxiciology on the deceased? Why, so we can say he deserved it because something was in his system? What about a test on the alleged murderer?

Downey is still a free man and there are no reports that he’s even been questioned.

County police Chief Elmer Setting said, “We are waiting for scientific reports but as of now we don’t have enough evidence to file charges.”

And Setting’s quotes get better.

“Her son’s death is absolutely tragic and I understand she’s upset and blaming the police. It’s a very popular thing to do,” Setting said. “But in the end, if there is enough evidence to file charges, we will.”

Blaming the police is popular? Yeah, mainly because they do sideways things like not charging or even questioning the young man who was seen and known to have fought Ty. This story is still developing and we will keep you posted on any updates.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.


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