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A Baltimore police captain is having conversations with people in the community, proving that some cops really are on their side.

Hours before violence broke out in downtown Baltimore on Saturday, Capt. Desmond Carter-Bey of Baltimore PD was doing his part to let protestors know that authorities hear them. In video captured by Baltimore Sun reporter Colin Campbell, he was talking to a young citizen that was frustrated about the events that led to Freddie Gray’s death.

“It’s not fair, captain,” the young man said.

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“I agree with everything you just said,”Capt. Carter-Bey replied, adding that he knows exactly where upset citizens are coming from on this matter. “Me looking at you in your face–looking in your eyes right now–I understand your hurt and your pain.”

As wonderful as it is to highlight Capt. Carter-Bey, it seems that his actions to reach out to the community were more of an exception than the rule.

“As these protests went on all last week, most of the officers have stood stoically without speaking,” Campbell told The Huffington Post in an email. “But Carter-Bey was among a few higher-ranking officers who would walk along the barriers having conversations with the protesters.”


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