Writer Blasts Michelle Obama For Making White Girls Feel Inferior

Michelle Obama

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A week after Deadline questioned, has the pendulum for ethnic casting swung too far? MadWorldNews writer Amanda Shea penned a letter that scolded First Lady Michelle Obama for praising Black girls who rock at BET’s annual “Black Girls Rock” ceremony and making White women feel like…they don’t rock.

In case you missed it, Michelle Obama attended BGR and told the audience of Black women, “No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful.”

Because White women don’t get enough praise as it is.

From the outset, the awards ceremony seemed to have a positive vibe, encouraging higher education for girls and empowering them to achieve their highest dreams. If it wasn’t for the ceremony’s title, “Black Girls Rock!” displayed across the stage and shouted ad nauseam throughout the night, this event would be commendable in honoring girls who have accomplished great things — but only as long as you’re black.

This isn’t the first time this annual event has hit the stage and perpetuated racial divide. It’s the fifth year, and nobody seems to believe there is an issue with it, despite the fact it seems you have to be black to attend. A “White Girls Rock!” event wouldn’t even last five minutes without rioters outside the venue, shutting it down.

When Michelle took center stage, her message to the eager ears in the crowd full of black girls was that they must ignore the voices that suggest that they were “not good enough.” By her biased support, the First Lady, who attended Princeton and Harvard and attributes her success to being empowered as a young black girl, is essentially telling white girls they aren’t “good enough” since she doesn’t address them with the same overwhelming support she does her own race.

Girl, please. White women hold “White Girls Rock” shows every damn day of their lives. It’s called The Oscars, The Golden Globes, The SAG Awards, shopping at Saks. GTFOH.

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