With less than a week before Christmas, and other celebrations ongoing, many celebrities are in the holiday spirit. See how Porsha Williams, Victoria Monet, and others celebrate.

Jamie Foxx captioned the announcement: "You are a perfect example of what being in love is…. You care about each others life mental and physical… and you have each other's back… congratulations on your engagement…"

Jamie Foxx took to Instagram to give fans an update on his health in a 3-minute video.

Jamie Foxx's daughter Corrine Foxx shared a major update on her father Jamie Foxx's health today on social media.


Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg are the dynamic trio we didn't know we needed.

Corrine Foxx opens up about her involvement with TJ Maxx's "The Change Exchange" and what her dad Jamie Foxx taught her about self care.

Jamie Foxx’s opening monologue was Michael B Jordan interesting… Good thing Michael B. Jordan was at 2018 BET Award otherwise Jamie Foxx would have actually had to tell jokes during his opening monologue. We love Jamie Foxx, but last night wasn’t his best show. The actor, who usually keeps us laughing uncontrollably, seemed unprepared and like he […]


What I love most about the series is that viewers are going to walk away feeling inspired by the personal stories from our guests and the movies that influenced them.


Jamie Foxx has big shoes to fill with his next film role, as the Academy Award-winning actor is set to portray Black Panther leader Geronimo Pratt in a new film. Fresh off executive-producing the Showtime comedy series White Famous, Jamie Foxx has added another job to his resume with a starring role in the upcoming […]

The lovebirds are no longer keeping their super secret relationship under wraps.


As the city of Houston continues to deal with the disastrous impact left from Hurricane Harvey, many of the top Hollywood A-listers have stepped up to donate massive amounts of money. Currently, Kevin Hart, Sandra Bullock, the Kardashians, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson and Jamie Foxx are just a few of the celebrities who have donated […]