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Two incredibly intelligent and entertaining YouTube stars, Franchesca Ramsey and Kat Blaque joined their powerful forces to create a cartoon about privilege. Franchesca wrote the dialogue while Kat used her illustration skills to create the most adorable lesson-teachers the internet has seen in a long time.

It’s absolutely brilliant and adorable! But who is it for? Franchesca reveals to #TeamBeautiful exclusively, “I initially assumed teens and adults would be watching, but I love that people are showing this video to kids!”

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The cartoon stars a slug and a caterpillar who are friends, on their way to a hot party. There’s just one big problem: on the way to the party, the caterpillar crawls under the fence and the slug is stuck, unable to get her shell under.

In this fictional scenario, the caterpillar has privilege because of his access and the lack of the slug’s access. The caterpillar was growing impatient with the slug’s inability to get to the party, so they had a slight argument about the obstacles each of them have to face. The moral of the story that this cartoon so eloquently addresses: we all have our problems, our obstacles, our setbacks and there’s things that we will uniquely experience. That’s privilege, right? Franchesca says, “I like to first debunk the idea that privilege means you’re rich, have never had any struggles or have had everything handed to you. Privilege just means there are certain things that you will never experience because of who you are.”

With this cartoon, Franchesca and Kat are seeking understanding amongst everyone around the general idea of privilege. That is going to take honesty, which is what the cartoon offers. We have to listen to one another’s experiences. Franchesca said, “It’s not possible to know everything, so it’s important to remember that you’ll make mistakes (sometimes colossal ones) but everyone can be part of making the world a better place for others if they want to.”

The response to Franchesca and Kat’s video has been beyond what either of them have imagined. “People have responded so positively and are using the video to start conversations with their friends, co-workers and kids which is incredible.”

So will this dynamic duo make more of these very needed videos? Franchesca says, “I really want this video to be a stepping stone for more in-depth conversations about privilege, equality and oppression. So if people walk away from this video thinking more critically about their own privileges and the challenges other people face then the video has done it’s job.”

Job well done ladies! Check out the awesome video above!


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