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Tamar Braxton faced a backlash after she broke down in tears on “The Real” because she was truly hurt that people kept calling her a muppet.

After an incredibly emotional moment on her talk show yesterday, the “Love And War” singer didn’t get a lot of sympathy from her critics. They found it a bit odd that she would get so upset over name calling, claiming that she can be a bit of bully herself sometimes. In short, they’re not here for some of her behavior and feel she should be able to take whatever she dishes out.

Getting asked about how to deal with bullying seemingly brought Tamar back to a very hurtful place, and she’s making no apologies about how she reacted. “Since WHEN is it not ok for you to express yourself?? Not Bashing anyone, not attacking anyone, not using anyone else’s time, outlet, tv show…but only giving YOUR feelings when asked?” Tamar questioned in a post obtained by that has since been removed from her Instagram.

Tamar felt attacked for sharing her feelings and pointed to the criticism as yet another form of intimidation. Declaring her resolve to own her feelings, she pointed out that making an excuse for hurting someone is wrong.

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“This is the TRUE definition of bullying. Someone who makes an excuse or try to make you feel Bad because YOU FEEL the way YOU feel or believe,” Tamar wrote, giving fans a bit of advice before wrapping up her message. “Please don’t loose [sic] faith in the fact that YOU have a RIGHT to FEEL no matter who agrees or not.”

Tamar’s “The Real” co-host Adrienne Bailon also stepped in with some words of encouragement for her sisterfriend. Despite what you may see on TV, Adrienne contends that Tamar is more caring and compassionate than people know, vouching, “My life has honestly been blessed personally knowing Tamar. She is a light. She is a friend that will hold you until you stop crying when your heart hurts.”

The recently engaged TV personality also took this opportunity to advise everyone to be more kind to one another because it’s impossible to know the types of struggles that others are going through.

“Remember, No matter what you think or see, there is always something more to a person. Always something you don’t know about them,” Adrienne wrote. “Think carefully before you insult someone for who they really are. At least they are courageous enough to open up about it.”


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