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Two filmmakers are taking bringing humor to the challenge of teaching Black kids to love their natural hair, but they might need you to chip in on the project.

We talk about our hair all the time: how to love what we have; what products will give us the perfect curls; how to nurture healthy hair; why we live for looks sported by Michelle Obama, Lupita Nyong’o, Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross and other Black stars. We could go on, but you can always hit up our Style + Beauty section for more.

The media has been mused on the relationship that Black women have with their hair ad infinitum, dedicating news segments, special programming and even feature-length documentaries like Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” to the conversation.

Now, director Derek Dow and writer Alisha Cowen are once again tackling the issue in a short film called “The Big Chop” with a specific focus on the natural hair journey. “The Big Chop” will follow a woman named Chris that has decided she wants to stop relaxing her hair, which she’d originally begun doing at the tender age of 10 years old.

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Alisha will be drawing on her own experience with going through The Big Chop, which she did about five years ago. “It was a period of struggle for me, I can openly and honestly say,” Alisha recalls in a fundraising video for the film. “I did not feel acceptance or accepted into society.”

The interesting twist here is that the film isn’t just directed at young girls. Director Derek explained why it’s important for young men to know that natural hair is amazing too, revealing his own experiences of facing the ideal of “good hair.”

The premise of “The Big Chop” sounds pretty interesting, but audiences may never get the chance to see it without money to produce the film. That’s why Derek and Alisha have started up an IndieGogo campaign to raise $13,5000 to make the movie. So far they’ve raised more than $3,500. They’ve got to bring in another $10,000 in 17 days when the campaign ends on March 21.

Click here to find out how you can help! You can donate as much (or as little) as you want, if you feel so inclined. Those that are feeling particularly ambitious can donate $2,500 to be credited as a producer for “The Big Chop”!


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