Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to bring more beauty into your bathroom? Why not bring plants into your bathroom. Plants in the bathroom soften hard lines, as well as breathe life. Many plants need a humid environment to thrive.

Here are some quick tips on how to choose the right plants for your bathroom from

1) Access your bathroom’s natural light conditions. The humidity of your bathroom is the perfect environment for many plants, but you must pick plants which also are a good fit for your bathroom lighting.

5 tips for organizing your bathroom.

2) Pick a plant based on the light provided. Humidity-loving, high light plants for south or east windows include Crotons, Cyclamens, Azaleas and Asparagus Ferns. High-humidity, medium light plants for east or west windows include Aglaonema, Peace Lilies, Calathea and Peperomia. High-humidity, low light plants include Dieffenbachia, Spider Plants, Snake Plants, Boston Ferns and Philodendron.

3) Maximize your space. Space is usually limited in bathrooms, so put plants on window sills, hang plants in front of windows or in corners and put low light plants on the counter, top of the toilet tank and around the tub.

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Give your bathroom the spa treatment.

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