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We’re so excited the soulful, guitar playing crooner Lyfe Jennings is back! Remember “Must Be Nice,” and how his lyrics aimed to encourage you beyond your circumstances, well he’s got a new motivational single with a message for women. His music is always uplifting and heartfelt and this new single, “Pretty Is,” is no different. You can think of this as your new self-esteem anthem as he sings over a catchy beat:

“Pretty is what pretty does. You’ll always be pretty because you’re still full of love….you’ll always be pretty because you fall and get up.”

Aww, we love him! While other male R&B singers are trying to sing our panties off (if we’re even wearing them in the first place in their disrespectful songs), Lyfe is singing for us to keep our panties on and self love high. That’s expected from a man who turned down a spot on Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop.”

On his new album, Tree Of Lyfe, Lyfe Jennings describes it as his most personal work to date. He wrote and produced the entire album and recorded the majority of it at his home studio. When asked about his current musical mindset, Lyfe Jennings response is one of reflection and experience, “Everybody feels like they have to reinvent themselves. I don’t think you can reinvent the truth. It is what it is. I’m not focused on reinvention. I want to go deeper. This album reaffirms the reasons why people started loving this music in the first place. “

Check out the single above!


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