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Once again Azealia Banks is on a Twitter tyrant and this time she’s set her sights on Erykah Badu of all people. A few days ago, a fan of Ms. Badu’s asked if she ever listened to Azealia’s music, to which Erykah replied:

Seems innocent enough right? Well Azealia didn’t take it that way and got all up in her feelings and decided to launch an attack on Twitter against the singer and replied:

How’s Erykah shading though? She didn’t diss Azealia’s music, Erykah just said she attempted to listen to it. Anyways, that just wasn’t enough for the Broke With Expensive Taste rapper who followed up with:

So let’s get this straight, Grammy-Award winning artist Erykah is jealous of Azealia for what exactly? Let Azealia tell it, her youth is what Erykah wants to covet.

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Um, has anyone seen Erykah lately? She’s not about to do a two-step into Shady Pines anytime soon, so again what is she jealous of? Azealia kept on with her antics and remarked:

Erykah finally commented on the childish antics Azealia was throwing her way and remarked:

Azealia finally seemed to simmer down and responded:

Things appeared to be at a ceasefire between the ladies until an eagle-eyed Erykah fan noticed she turned on her Twitter location setting to show she was in Queens.

Azealia, who is from Harlem just couldn’t let it go and fired back:

Azealia really must think Erykah is a pushover but got to see first hand the singer wasn’t about to keep being disrespected when she followed up with:

Erykah ain’t no joke! Azealia decided she had to get the last say by retorting to Erykah’s comback by tweeting:

Sometimes its best to walk away from drama and clearly Azealia hasn’t learned this yet…


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