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Where there is a fine hunk of man like Shawn Bullard and 20+ women all desperately wanting his attention, there’s conflict and lots of it. It’s only episode two and already these bachelorettes are out for blood. In the first episode, we watched a self-proclaimed stylist and makeup artist, who revealed she was a stripper in several questionable dance moves and stretches, pack up and leave the house after being called a stripper. This is the same woman who upon meeting Shawn, went back to the pool of women and cried about her mother telling her that she would find love. So maybe it’s best that she eliminated herself.

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Surprisingly, Shawn got rid of a beautiful and spicy Angelica. That devastatingly handsome bachelor shocked us all when he decided to keep the very honest Dolly, who admitted in the first few minutes of meeting him that she kept records of everything that goes on with her “uterus and placenta.”

In episode two, the girls are taken to Habitat For Humanity with Shawn, who loves to give back. Sheesh, he just keeps getting better. “I need a hard-working woman who can get dolled up at night and look like Hollywood, but in the day, she can get her hands dirty.” *raises hand* Many of the women proved that they could hang on the physical labor front, but it was Phoenix and Mecca who stood out. 22-year-old Mecca made Shawn melt so much that he invited her on a private date. Commence to haters hating.

All the girls who were left behind in the mansion voiced their disdain for Mecca. Meanwhile, she’s frolicking in the sand with Shawn and a camel. Their date was the first solo date and honestly (I can put down my haterade) they were adorable together. “I feel that jolt of sexual energy,” Shawn said of Mecca.

Tensions were high at the house, as many of the girls were over Shawn picking the 22-year-old for a solo date. And where there wasn’t Mecca-hate in the house, there was some girl-on-girl loving. Jes, the resident lesbian of the cast (she admitted she’s never been with a man, only women) staked her claim on her hot competition, Alexandria. We’re keeping our eyes on this relationship. Jes actually won a solo date later in the episode with Shawn and while it was sweet, it was still awkward. As soon as she Jes returned from the date, she ran to the arms of Alexandria.

So I know you’re probably wondering where the heck the pastor comes in, well he’s here to help Shawn pick the woman with morality and convictions. Pastor Ken gets to save a girl with each elimination and he gets to pinpoint ones that are good to him and have them go on dates with Shawn. Pastor Ken picked Jes and Mercedes–two virgins (Jes has only been with women and Mercedes is born again) who he thought would be great matches for Shawn. Shawn didn’t as he ended up cutting Mercedes.

Another cut Shawn made was Jamie, a blond, kinda crazy looking and acting woman who latched on to fellow crazy acting woman Victoria. These two formed an alliance, calling themselves the Blond something or other (doesn’t matter because they’re both gone). Victoria decided to leave once Shawn cut her better half, but not before she laid a big kiss on his beautiful, supple lips. To which he allowed to happen, but then rejected. The rest of the girls watched the liplock and booed Victoria out of their lives.

Shawn’s cut a lot more non-Black women thus far and it has me wondering–is he showing us his preference? Is this beautiful Black man showing the world that he’s choosing us? Or am I reading too much into his eliminations? Either way, I am here for Shawn’s selections thus far.

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