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While Missy Elliott’s incredible return on the Super Bowl Halftime Show gave us all the life in the world, we’re so irritated that so many people, media included, had no idea who she was and even tried to say Katy Perry’s show didn’t benefit from the Supa Fly rapstress. The nerve! Missy Elliott is one of the most innovative, talented and before-her-time artists in the world. And she honestly could have handled that Super Bowl stage by her damn self! And if you don’t know…now you know.

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So many celebrities and commoners (Vine) have been trying to break the internet, especially since Kim Kardashian released her cheeks for the 57th time to the public to gush over. And sure there was internet at the height of Missy’s music career, but there wasn’t much social media and the ability to go viral. But let’s be real…if there had been either of those things, Missy would have definitely broken the internet. Here’s how.

1. When She Wore A Plastic Bag In The “Supa Dupa Fly” Video

Girl, you have never seen a garbage bag this fly!

2. When She Dressed Up like Mega Missy

We know you’ve heard of Mega Man, but what about Mega Missy?

3. When She Went Futuristic & Scared The Sh*t Out Of Us

Teaming up with Hype Williams in the 90s was like having Beyonce sing at your Sweet 16. The highly sought after director took music videos (back when labels actually had production dollars) to the next level.

4. When She Took Her Head Off In The “Get Your Freak On” Video

What the… Count on Missy to leave you shocked.

5. When She Fooled Us For A Minute In The “Work It” Video

Missy, is that you? Had anyone else digitally placed their heads on someone else’s body, we would have called a psychiatrist and had them evaluated for some type of body disorder. But we know Missy embraced her fuller figure and just used her platform to be innovative.

6. When She Put This Little Cutie (Who Is Now A Grown @$% Woman) In Her Music Videos

Alyson Stoner would have been trending faster than Kanye West attacking a paparazzi in the airport. The little cutie added the perfect spice to Missy’s already hot videos.

7. When She Dissed All One-Minute Men

Listen, Missy was speaking for a nation of women with this anthem. No Scrubs? How about No One-Minute Men! Thank you Missy!

8. When She Was Just High Off Life

You can see that Missy’s having fun here and that’s what all her videos guarantee–a good time.

9. When She Made This Awesomely Bad Appearance In The Movie “Honey”

Well, she might have gotten the Lifetime treatment for this one…but at least she was comedic relief.

10. When She Shaved Her Cha-Cha

TMI Missy. TMI.

11. When She Looked Like E.T.

Colorism was never a conversation for Missy. She did it all for art’s sake and we’re like….bravo!

12. When She Moved Her Body Like A Snake

Missy really needed to get a good look at that chick!

13. When She Blew A Kiss

She doesn’t even blink.

14. When She Made It Rain At The Strip Club

Clearly, she’s a feminist who wants women to make their money without letting it make them.

We love you Missy. And your star is always going to shine bright on HelloBeautiful! What’s your favorite Missy moment? Sound off in the comments below!


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