Vivica A. Foxx Says Kenya Moore Is “Fake as Hell”

Kenya Moore has more enemies than she had friends at this point and she isn’t making anymore brunch buddies on “The Apprentice.”

Last night, Kenya and Vivica A. Foxx exchanged verbal blows that ended in a lot of plastic surgery bashing. Donald Trump asked Vivica if she was a fan of Kenya to which she responded, “she’s attractive.” Oop.

Kenya didn’t take nicely to Vivica’s backwards compliment. “Well, I haven’t had any plastic surgeries to my face,” she responded.

“You sitting over there with a badonkadonk that’s fake as hell so don’t go there. She had them boobs done, sitting over there with about seven packs of lashes on,” Vivica quipped.

Kenya seems to start up trouble wherever she goes. Even Donald Trump called her “evil.”

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