Gloria Allred held a press conference on Wednesday Jan. 7th and revealed three new women who have all come forward for the first time to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Before Allred even introduced the women–Linda Kirkpatrick, Lynn Neal and “Kacey,” (who obviously doesn’t want her real named used) she went in on the comments Cosby’s TV wife, Phylicia Rashad allegedly made in reaction to the women coming out again him. Rashad was quoted saying, “Forget these women,” by And Allred said:

“Phylicia, I vow to you that I will not forget these women, because women matter. They deserve respect and dignity. Phylicia, you should be supporting these women rather than joining Cosby’s paid “attack dogs” who are trying to undermine them in any way they can.”

Kirkpatrick, Neal and Kacey all read statements about their Cosby encounters in detail, but wouldn’t take any questions. Each of them had stories that detailed similar experiences with having to wet their hair, getting drugged and facing sexual assault.

Kirkpatrick met Cosby at a tennis tournament in Las Vegas in 1981 and he invited her to see his show. She claims he offered her a drink at a party in his dressing room, she blacked out and found Cosby on top of her, kissing her with force. She says she fought him off, Cosby apologized and she went back to the show before the attack went any further.

Neal says she met Cosby when she was working as a therapist at a health club where he was a regular. Allegedly, Cosby invited her to see his show, just as he did with Kirkpatrick, offered her drinks, but wouldn’t let her eat. After his show, Neal says she felt “disoriented and confused,” and that’s when she says Cosby walked her to her dressing room and raped her. “He betrayed my trust and took advantage of me,” Neal said.

“Kacey” claimed she met Cosby when she was working for Tom Illius, Cosby’s agent at William Morris Agency. She claims they were friendly work acquaintances and she even considered him a “father figure.” They’ve dined together with her children and she claims he even called her at home. But it was during a one-on-one meeting at the Bel Air hotel where he invited her to discuss career plans that she says Cosby took advantage of her. Kacey says Cosby insisted she take a “large white pill” to help her relax and the next thing she knew, she woke up in a bed next to Cosby, who was naked under his robe.

Allred said, “I have been in contact with Mr. Cosby’s representatives in regard to the two challenges or invitations that I have offered to him. One was that he invite all the women to sue and he agree that he would not assert his statute of limitations.” Allred’s hoping that a closed door mediation with Cosby, his accusers and a judge would be the best option for closure on this case.

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