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The above couple went out together to a winter formal, dressed to the nines and shared various photos of themselves on social media. It took absolutely no time for these two dolled up lovebirds to go viral because of their choice of wardrobe. How the heck did people find them? No one is safe online! Folks drug the couple through the internet, implying they were dressed like slaves or pilgrims in hilariously side-splitting tweets.

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@Quelliam and @tigg_olebitties have both been great sports on Twitter, laughing off their critics. In fact, they’re both pleased that their outfits were able to “Break the internet.”

Check out some of the funniest tweets:

We actually think the couple looks cute! And instead of worrying about what era they look like they’re from, should we be more focused on telling “Tigg Ole Bitties” that her man may think she looks lovely in her dress, but he’d much rather be the one wearing it. Ooop! No shade. Or maybe all of it. One thing is certain–no one, not even your cute cousins going to a winter formal, are safe online. All is fair in love and shade.


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