“My brother was a dark skinned man who didn't experience what I experienced, who didn’t get bullied because he was dark skin. Men it’s never a problem for them. Girls find them attractive,” said Nyakim Gatwech.

The dangerous decision caught the attention of a fellow driver who captured the whole incident on camera.

"When social media portrays violent acts such as a video or photo of someone being assaulted, involved in a violent act, or attempting or completing suicide, the psychological effects can be wide ranging and are never positive," Dr. Forshee told HB.

LeBron James & JR Smith were just a few of many high-powered stars who reached out to encourage middle-school student Keaton Jones, even though his mother is a cyber bully herself.

"Give me a reason," the scorned woman can be heard yelling.

Blogger and advocate Tarana Burke began #MeToo ten years ago to give women space to tell their stories.

The above couple went out together to a winter formal, dressed to the nines and shared various photos of themselves on social media. It took absolutely no time for these two dolled up lovebirds to go viral because of their choice of wardrobe. How the heck did people find them? No one is safe online! […]

19-year-old aspiring model, Gabriella Montgomery shook the social media world when she decided to share horrific and graphic photos of herself after surviving a violent attack from her ex-boyfriend. She shared a part of her story on Instagram: This night be a little graphic but I just want to let everyone know that I am […]