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Girl, did you catch the second part of the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion last night? We only have one word to describe the ratchetry, and that word is MESSY.

Where do we begin?

We were totally bored with Nikki, her mother and Masika’s ongoing feud over Mally Mal and after spending what felt like an eternity on their storyline, we were glad to see them take a seat in the back on the couches. We got to hear from Fizz and Amanda — who finally admitted that she had fallen in love with another man, though she really loved Fizz. Lies thot tells.

And for all those who were still wondering about Omarion‘s beef cake, he reassured us that he got the snip and is no longer rocking a “turtle neck.” In other words, ya boy got circumcised.

Moving on.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived when Ray J, Princess Love and Morgan to address each other about their falling-out on the show.

“I love Morgan like a sister,” Princess claimed, yet in the next few minutes she hauled off and socks Morgan in the face, per Ray’s request. Yup, Ray said “Can you please go knock her out real quick? One time” and Princess lunged. It looked like she got one good hit on Morgan then security (and ray J) broke it up.

Sadly, Princess and Morgan were friends and it came to an ugly end when cameras got involved.

After the fight was cleared up and the hostile cast members were ushered to their dressing rooms (where Morgan five-pieced the door), Teairra Mari, Yung Berg, Hazel E and Masika were given the chance to hash out their difference…except, it didn’t quite go that way.

Yung Berg (gosh we hate him so much) accused Teairra Mari of giving him fellatio. In the words of Jigga, “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

Teiarra was as equally shocked as we were. “He’s lying,” She said, but Berg insisted. At one point, she swore on her life that she didn’t do it. She did, however, admit they kissed.

Whatever. The most interesting part of the reunion had to be when Mona went around the room and asked every female what kind of plastic surgery they’ve had. Nikki revealed that she has silicone in her butt. She also had her nose and breast done. Masika came clean about her bottom lip that doesn’t move. Turns out, she and Hazel E went to the same doctor, who injected her lip with a plumping substance that went wrong. She had it “fixed” but clearly some plastic surgery is irreversible.

Shortly after the reunion, Masika and Berg got into a domestic violent altercation that left Masika with scrapes, cuts and bruises. According to Instagram, they’re back together.

Well…here’s to season two.


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