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Students at UNC Chapel Hill took a moment from their busy schedules to protest the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson.

When it was announced Monday night that Darren would not be facing charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown, it immediately set off protests in at least three different cities: Ferguson, New York and Washington D.C. Those that couldn’t take to the streets set social media ablaze with their firery criticisms of the justice system.

It wasn’t entirely unexpected that the grand jury would make this ruling, but people all over the nation were still very upset. They were so outraged at the decision that demonstrations continued through Tuesday, despite the fact that many people are preparing for Thanksgiving.

MUST READ: #MikeBrown’s Mother Responds To Darren Wilson’s Ridiculous Testimony: ‘You Didn’t Have To Do What You Did’ reports that today in Chapel Hill, hundreds of UNC students dropped their books at noon to stand in an area of campus known as “The Pit.” Dressed completely in black for what they’re calling a “die-in,” people silently stood in the courtyard while event organizer Mariah Monsanto held a single sign that read “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

After the moment of silence, the UNC senior encouraged people to share their stories of racial profiling. Many of the speakers shared their opinion that racism is still a huge problem that can no longer be swept under the rug–even in a supposedly post-racial America.

Having had their say, the participants than lied down for a five-minute die in to remind people how Michael’s body was just left in the street after he’d been gunned down by Darren.

While some demonstrations did get violent (people in Ferguson tried to flip a police cruiser), this was a great example of how it’s not always necessary to act out to act out to show your support and solidarity.


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