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When Solange broke out in hives at her wedding celebration, it was her big sister Bey who sprang into action.

In case you missed it (if that’s even possible), Solange and her boo Alan Ferguson tied the knot in a fabulous all-white wedding over the weekend where the couple literally danced the night away in the streets of New Orleans. During the grand ceremony, Solange suffered a reaction, on her face, and had to leave the reception long enough to tend to the blemishes.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mama Tina (who looked freakin’ amazing at the wedding) gushed over Solo’s big day and revealed intimate details about the wedding reception and the hives that almost ruined the wedding photos.

“There wasn’t a dry eye on the place,” Tina said. “[The couple] were just so heartfelt and I just think the wedding epitomized Solange as a person, and her and Alan’s artistic flare.”

And as for Solo’s outbreak, “[Beyonce] took her back to the hotel and gave her Benadryl and in two hours she showed up at the reception and did the dance with her son and just had a ball,” she said. “[Julez] only got to come and do the dance and then he had to leave. Had to go to bed. It was a grown folks party.”

Beyonce posted this adorable photo of Blue and Solange at the wedding.

“I got two [grandsons] and a [granddaughter]. Couldn’t ask for better than that.” When asked about a sibling for Blue, she added: “I’m always ready for more grandbabies.”