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On Wednesday, 2014’s Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister Sofia Trinidad were found dead and buried in a field by a river after having been shot. These two beautiful sisters mysteriously disappeared for a week after leaving a party in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Maria was 19 and Sofia, 23. The sisters were murdered by Sofia’s boyfriend Plutarco Ruiz and his accomplice Aris Maldonado. BBC is reporteing that both men have been arrested and one of them has confessed to killing and burying the sisters. Honduran news reports suggest Ruiz’s motives were relationship-related. The Alvarado sisters were last seen at Ruiz’s birthday party.

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According to the United Nations, the Central American country has the highest homicide rate in the world and sadly Maria and Sofia have become the latest statistics.

Alvarado was an inspiring politician. Later in her academic career, Alvarado was looking forward to dedicating herself towards the betterment of Honduras and enjoyed performing the traditional Honduran dance of the punta.

The Miss World pageant has responded, as Alvarado was set to participate for its festivities in London this weekend. Chairman Julia Morley has announced a vigil service would be done in Maria and Sofia’s memory and have also issued an statement:

“We are devastated by this terrible loss of two young women, who were so full of life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Maria Jose Alvarado and Sofia Trinidad at this time of grief.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Maria Jose & Sofia’s family.


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