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The day has come that nobody asked for.

Just a day or two after Khloe Kardashian posted a tacky meme about how the Kardashian sisters were the only KKKs to ever let black men in (ugh), the original hate group themselves, the Ku Klux Klan have opened their overtly racist, misogynistic, appalling doors outside of the “standard” heterosexual white Americans to people of color, homosexuals, and apparently…Republicans. What? SERIOUSLY? I really cannot.

On November 12, it was announced by the current modern day KKK founder John Abarr that the group have turned over a new leaf. Translation: after mortifying the lives of innocent people of color and homosexuals — their history encapsulated by images of white, cone-headed sheets that look like delusional ghosts staring at arson — they’ve made nice with all the colors of the wind. Spare us! Abarr made the following announcement: White supremacy is the old Klan. This is the new Klan. The KKK is for a strong America.” Cue exasperated emoji. That sounds really cute and all, except that it’s coming from the KKK. Who’s buying this? Not to mention, how are grade school history teachers going to explain this to their wide-eye students now?

The KKK was formed in 1865 in Pulsaki, Tennessee, but the hate group really came to world recognition starting with the film Birth of a Nation and then in the 1920s and up until the Civil Rights era with their many, many abominable acts of terror, including targeting Dr. Martin Luther King as he rose the ranks as the people’s martyr for equality and desegregation. Throughout time, the KKK became iconic for all the wrong reasons.

Change for equality and diversity is always a welcomed olive branch, but this is beyond LOL-worthy. This is unbelievable. They might literally need more people if they want the world to believe they’ve changed their ways. Abarr even went as far as meeting with the NAACP, and who knows what else he’s got up his crisp white, bellowing sleeve. A sit-down with Al Sharpton maybe? An appearance on BET for the kids? Unfortunate members of the KKK have come forward in saying that they believe Abarr just wants to clean up his persona for the sake of future political endeavors. And what an 180 considering just this past summer, their dreadful agenda included a fundraiser for Darren Wilson, the man who milled Michael Brown in Ferguson.

The KKK can keep their applications.


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