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Amid all the posturing and big talk, “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” has actually been a great learning tool for anyone looking to make their love life a success.

There is no way to adequately measure the amount of awful decisions that have been made on the show when it comes to love and relationships. Fortunately, their stressful situations can be a great learning tool for you! From Hazel-E’s imaginary relationship with Yung Berg to Fizz begging his girlfriend to commit, here are just a few things we’ve learned about relationships from the show so far.

1. Do Listen To What They’re Saying

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Hazel-E, it’s that you’ve got to listen to what your boo is saying.

In her mind, she and Yung Berg are an item, and he shouldn’t be messing with anyone else. However, we’ve seen that he’s told her in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t consider them to be in an actual relationship. Not only that, but he’s told her to hit the road if she expects him to give up his other options for her. Clearly there was a breakdown in communication here! A lot of heartache (and embarrassment) can be avoided by just listening to what the other person is saying about their intentions for you.

2. Don’t Expect More Than They Are Willing To Give

We almost feel bad for Fizz in his situation with Amanda. Almost. She’s skipped out on him a few times, but he’s still expecting her to step up and act like they’re in a committed relationship someday. Don’t get stuck on stupid like him, beauties!

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3. Do Know When To Be Gracious Walk Away

At the beginning of the season, Masika and Mally Mall were looking pretty cozy. Their little lovefest was broken up after his on-again-off-again girlfriend Nikki decided that she wasn’t done with him. To assert her dominance in the situation, Nikki ambushed Masika at an intimate afternoon with the girls. That’s when Maskia decided she was done with Mally.

Instead of competing over a man who was obviously lying to her, Masika walked away. She had the good sense not to compete over a man. We can’t say the same for Nikki, who got her face cracked just a couple of episodes later.

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4. Don’t Get Petty When Things Don’t Work Out

Here’s another one from Hazel-E: She briefly put Berg on blast by posting naked pictures of him online and making fun of his anatomy. The shade is that she was just fine with what he was offering up until he made it plain that he’s not interested in dating her. Now she just looks bitter that he didn’t want her. You can do better, Hazel, we promise!

5. Do Find Something To Do

The women of “LHHH” seem to understand that there’s no need for you to be bored at home while pining away for someone. Despite the status of their love life, they’ve always got something to do. That could be anything from working on an album or even creating a line of sex toys. The point is, men are not their entire world.


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