Lamar Sally Tries To Expose Sherri Shepherd

Ya know, we’re really over Sherri Shepherd’s ex-husband Lamar Sally trying to make her out to be the bad guy after he filed for legal separation from the former “View” host. Sherri eventually filed for divorce after she suspected him of cheating. To make things even more messy boots, Lamar demanded full custody of their unborn child who is being carried by a surrogate.

Chile, we can’t make this ish up!

Lamar recently sat down with “Inside Edition,” where he revealed details about the surrogate pregnancy. According to the interview, he paid a surrogate $100,000 to carry the baby and an egg donor was used.

“We even used a facial recognition program so we could pick a person who looked sort of like Sherri,” he said. “She offered me a settlement of $150,000, but it was not to have her name on the birth certificate.”

The baby, Lamar Jr., was born with a rare genetic disorder called G6PD Deficiency, which affects red blood cells. Lamar says he needs Sherri’s health insurance to help take care of the child.

A letter from Sherri’s lawyer states that she has no relationship with the infant. “There’s no amount of money to ease my worry about my son. If she would just do the right thing and we co-parent. That’s all I want,” Lamar added.

This is just messy boots.

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