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In case you haven’t gotten any of my previous memos, matte lips are the hottest beauty trend of the season. From hot pinks to deep burgundies, celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian, Solange and more have been spotted on the red carpet rocking these bold velvety shades.

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Matte lips always look incredibly beautiful and elegant. It’s also the perfect way to make a bold beauty statement. I’ve even tried this popular trend several times this year. My favorite matte lip is Sephora’s cream lip stain in dark berry.

But even as I was applying my matte lips, I had a few hiccups. From accidentally painting my teeth to getting the product all over my fingers, (don’t ask) here’s a few tips to help you along the way on your quest to perfectly applying this trend.


Exfoliating your lips is crucial if you plan to make this trend your signature style. Whether it’s a lipstick or a lip stain, the product will get clumpy and show every imperfection on cracked and dry lips. It might be time to invest in a good lip scrub or get your hands in the kitchen and make your own. But be sure to rinse and dry your lips so that you don’t leave any filmy residue.

Hue know it

The right shade of anything should be your focus when it comes to your beauty bag. Too pale and you will look casket-sharp (which is not our goal in life), too dark and it will stain your lips and wear horribly throughout the day. Reds, pinks and corals are perfect hues for any matte lipstick.

Line ’em up baby

Apply a lip liner all over your lips before applying your matte lipstick. Using lip liner will help you get a neat, clean and beautiful result. Choose a liner that is the same shade as your lipstick. This way you can create a base for your matte lipstick to glide on; the color will look a lot richer and more intense. Lip liner will also help your lipstick last longer.


A lipstick brush is your best tool when applying matte lipstick. This is not lipstick so you will not have the opportunity to rub your lips together for an even application. Here’s where your drawing skills are needed.

Moisture up

There’s no need for a glossy sheen, that would defeat the purpose. But you will want to find a non-greasy lip balm to ease the dryness throughout the day (try Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1).

I know, these are amazing tips, yes! You can thank me by leaving your comments below on how you apply your matte lipstick (and share please)!

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