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Ne-Yo writes some of the most gut-wrenching love, “I hate that I love you, ok so I really just want to have sex with you, no really take off your clothes right now” songs that you’ve ever heard (think: “Flaws & All,” and  “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce;  “Unfaithful” by Rihanna). And we all know that Hollywood darling, Taraji P. Henson knows how to act like your devoted girlfriend, baby’s mother (Baby Boy) or well-kept, but not well-respected wife (No Good Deed). But what about in their real lives: do Ne-Yo and Taraji know their way around relationships?

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We caught up with the A-listers and asked them to tell us everything they know about being friends with the opposite sex, following their boos on social media and which celebrity gets them hot and bothered. You’ll be shocked to see who makes Ne-Yo bite his bottom lip and which hot young baller Taraji’s got her eyes on!

HelloBeautiful: Men and women who are married, having friends of the opposite sex. Yes or no?

Taraji P. Henson: Yes. I think it could be healthy. But, you know, we are human. I have male friends. If I get into a relationship, I’m not gonna stop being their friend because I’m in a relationship. As long as it’s respectful. Now, it’s up to the man to make his woman feel comfortable in that and vice versa. If I have a male friend, I have to go out of my way to make my man feel comfortable about it. When you have a best same-sex friend, when you get married, that friendship is important, but you now have a new best friend. If we’re together and you still have to talk to Renee and go see her everyday, well then, Houston, we have a problem. But, if it’s your friend and you check in every now and then and he comes and brings his kids, it’s all good. Everything in moderation.

Ne-Yo: I think so. It depends on the maturity of the people involved, which is the case for most things. Is it common? Is it likely that people have that maturity? Not always. I definitely feel like it’s possible.

HB: Would you follow your significant other on social media?

TPH: I have a guy that I like right now and I don’t follow him. I don’t care. I get to talk to him. I don’t have to follow him. I don’t feel like checking on people. I don’t want that energy. I don’t want to stress myself. That’s too much. At the end of the day, if you’re doing dirt, I’m gonna find out eventually.

Ne-Yo: Yeah. Why not? Instagram, if you’re a fan of your girl and you like the kinds of pictures she takes, why not?

HB: Do you have a celebrity crush?

TPH: Yeah, Serge Ibaka, but he’s too young, child. I like to look at him. If he had an older twin brother, that would be great. He looks like an African king. Beautiful. Let’s see because, you know, it changes. I love me some Ryan Gosling. I’m in love with his acting. He is something special to look at too, but he’s an incredible actor.

N-Y: I’m a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, her rap ability as well as what she looks like. Have you seen “Anaconda?” Lawd have mercy. Scarlett Johannson is one of my favorite actresses. She’s absolutely beautiful and talented. Nicki Minaj and Scarlet Johannson, that would be a fun afternoon. Yeah, I said that.

Ne-Yo recently stopped by #TeamBeautiful’s office, check out what he had to say about Monyetta and those tube-tying rumors:


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