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Sex is one of those things that universally, people tend to agree that it’s one of the best things about living life. There was a survey earlier this year that polled over 2,000 adults and out of a list of 10 things that are important to them, sex placed 6th! So that means there’s a lot of people in the world who don’t think sex is an important as cell phones, food, the internet, cars, computers, phones and TV. You’ve heard the phrase before, “…is better than sex!” But have you ever truly believed that?

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The effects of sex can be awesome. It lowers your blood pressure, builds your immune system up, makes you look younger, strengthens your heart, builds your trust and intimacy, it can de-stress and it’s an amazing form of exercise. While sex gives us very good feelings with even better results, but let’s be real, that euphoria fades. I am in no way saying sex isn’t awesome because it it. However, it’s not the most awesome feeling in the world. These things are:

1. Popping Bubble Wrap:


2. Taking Off Your Bra:

3. Bacon:

4. Sleep:

5. Finding The One Thing You’ve Been Watching All Season Go On Sale…In Your Size:

6. When Your Food Is Coming To The Table At A Restaurant:

7. Eating & Relaxing & Relaxing & Eating:

8. Netflix & Snacks:

9. Tax Refunds:

10. Chocolate:

11. When You Decide You’re Done Dieting:

12. Getting Your Inbox Impeccably Clean:



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