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Teairra Mari burst onto the scene in 2004 with Jay Z as her mentor and Rihanna in her shadow. Her hit single “How To Make A Girl Feel” reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on the R&B charts. She was poised to be the leading lady of Rocafella, and surely had enough attitude and swag to carry the moniker. Yet, her follow-up singles “No Daddy” and “Phone Booth” failed to woo audiences and she was eventually dropped from the label. Teairra continued to make music independently and garnered buzz around releases like “Sponsor” and starred in films like “Lottery Ticket.” After a hiatus from the mainstream, Teairra was cast on the VH1 franchise, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” where we learned about her nine-year relationship with R&B singer/ sex tape guru and often jester Ray J.

The first episode premiered last night to mixed reviews, but one thing’s for sure–Teairra and Ray are the standout characters of the bunch. Their unsettled romance is the crux of the new “LHHH” season. Teairra easily established herself as the feisty one–throwing drinks and fists at Ray’s current girlfriend Princess Love. If you can’t tell–they don’t get along.

Teairra’s rage seems to stem from a scorned place and we can’t blame her–if we held a man down for damn near 10 years, then he moved to another woman (and moved the chick in our space on top of our belongings), we’d be ready to snatch some wigs too.

We caught up with Teairra in anticipation of the premiere episode to catch her thoughts on the season. Find out what she had to say about it, below:

HelloBeautiful: You get into a physical altercation with Ray J, can you explain what happened?

Teairra Mari: He pissed me off to the point of return. He kept being disrespectful and I exploded. He poked and poked and poked and I took it for a while.

HB: How do you sum up you and Ray’s relationship?

TM: It’s nothing now. This has totally destroyed any possibly of it ever being anything again. We were together off and on for a span of 9 years. I loved him to death, I even had his name tattooed on me. I loved him with all my heart. It went pretty deep. He’s always that one that I would always go back to.

HB: Nine years is a long time, you were around through all of his other relationships?

TM: I wasn’t around then [when he was with Kim Kardashian]. I think he was f*cking with her when he was f*cking with me, You know creeping around–but I wasn’t there for their relationship. I was there when he signed on to do “For The Love Of Ray J”–that’s when we broke up the first time.

HB: What about Ray kept you so in love?

TM: I don’t know. We were off and on. So, certain things I did not tolerate–I left. He has a nice charisma. He’s cute and he’s affectionate. When I was in love I was just in love. I don’t feel like that anymore.

HB: Is the sex really all of that?

TM: You know what I’m not going to front. We had amazing sex. It was pretty good. It wasn’t that good–the fighting came from his disrespect.

HB: What is your gripe with his girlfriend Princess Love?

TM: Me and Ray had a little unfinished business and she inserted herself in the cross fire. She just got too involved in certain things that he could have settled and squashed and me and him could have just been done. She tried to take shots at me and stuff, that’s why I hate her guts.

HB: Did it feel like revenge when you “socked” him in the face when he dumped your clothes on the floor?

TM: I was in total shock with his behavior because I had never done anything wrong to him.

HB: What do you hope to get out of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?”

TM: I evolve into my music. I got caught up in the whole Ray J thing in the beginning of the season. Eventually I focus on what I should be focus on which is my music and you will see all of that. You can expect me to pour out my experiences [in my music]. You go through the emotions with me on this album.

HB: What about the rest of the cast?

TM: I don’t have a problem with anyone besides Ray because he got too disrespectful. I’m a person he was with before so he was very awkward.

HB: When you watched the trailer, what did you think about it?

I just felt like I was living my truth. It was definitely cringe-worthy at moments, but I have to stand behind everything I said and everything I did. A lot of people tried to attack my character and my womanhood–I just was pushed to certain extremes. I definitely cringed on a couple of scenes.

HB: What do you want people to know about you?

TM: I’m not crazy.


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