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A new school year is here and it is time to break out those backpacks, textbooks and back to school clothes. While you’re busy registering for classes and scheduling study sessions, I encourage all FitGirl students out there to schedule your workouts too. Studies show that as little as 20 mins of physical activity a day can boost brain power. So put those heavy textbooks to good use and sweat hard while you study hard.

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Divide Your Time And Calculate A Fun Calorie Burn

Taking a break from studying may seem impossible around midterms and finals, but taking time for you is actually the best thing you can do for not only your GPA, but your health too. Exercises that quickly increase your heart rate while incorporating multiple muscle groups at once are great for college students (or anyone short on time).

So step away from your laptop, grab your heaviest textbook and have a blast with these five easy exercises.  Each one is designed to increase both your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, enhance flexibility and improve your core stabilization/strength. So go ahead and take that study break – perform each exercise for one minute each, rest only when needed and complete as many cycles as you can in whatever time you may have on any given day.

Test Your Limits

The more challenging a class or subject is, the more intense your workouts should be. I strongly believe fitness imitates life, so let this semester be about finishing at the top of both your class and your personal fitness goals. Mix things up with workouts that calm your mind, like yoga, increase your mental focus with workouts like TRX/suspension training, or release some tension by doing workouts like kickboxing. By keeping the body guessing, you will not only reap quicker results but your ability to thrive in multiple spaces will be enhanced too.

Show ID And Sweat For Free

Or for a low cost. Many gyms, fitness classes and even personal trainers offer discounted rates for students. So don’t be afraid to whip out your student ID and take advantage of these RAD savings.

Pledge To Have Fun

And while you are out there sweating on the low, make sure you’re having fun. One of the top reasons people have a hard time sticking to a new fitness regimen is they get bored and/or don’t enjoy it. So as you prepare to enter the next term, pledge to only do sweaty things that make you smile. Fitness that’s fun not only strengthens your body, but your mind and self esteem too!

Register For Fitness 101 Too

Now that you are all registered and know your class schedule, the last and most important step is to schedule your workouts. As you register for classes notice where you consistently have breaks. Put working out in a few of those slots and enjoy the extra physical and mental credit of your new course load!

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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