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What if I told you that all it took for your next tropical vacation was a quick swipe of your deodorant? Get ready beauties! Secret has launched a new “destination collection” that channels the transformative power of scent to bring far-off places within reach. They want to send you to Brazil, Paris, Hawaii and Bora Bora, no passport required.

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But do they really take you away?  I put the new collection to the test! See how the company describes the scents and get the real deal:

Paris Romantic Rose

How Secret Describes It: “A mouth-watering blend of fruits and sweet honey notes accented with light florals, for a luxurious European getaway.”

What I Smell: Uh… it actually smells like ‘Tussin. Is that how people in France smell? Unless you want to smell like your medicine cabinet, this isn’t my favorite.

Brazil Rainforest Mist

How Secret Describes It: “A luscious blend of floral citrus, layered against a warm background of creamy white woods for an exotic journey.”

What I Smell:  Remember those throwback Zest commercials? You’re not fully clean unless you’re ZEST fully clean! That song comes to mind when I smell this.  It’s smells a bit like a man stepping out of the shower — a little sagey, very fresh. Not a bad thing.  Come here earth man!

Hawaii Citrus Breeze

How Secret Describes It: “A sparkling blend of zesty mango, grapefruit and red berries mixed harmoniously with soft floral notes for a tropical escape.”

What I Smell: Fruity and bubblegummy, this reminded me of my childhood (before I needed deodorant). If you want to smell like a 12-year-old who just left a shopping spree at Bath & Body Works, this is all you.

Bora Bora Fresh Orchid

How Secret Describes It: “A lush floral blend of rose, exotic white jasmine and lily of the valley, complemented by Soft musk and a touch of sandalwood for a breezy island break.”

Now that the secret’s out on the scents you should also know that the brand claims to last for a full 48 hours, allowing you to extend your “scent-filled vacation” to two full days. Let’s keep it funky: this didn’t last for two days. But while I usually have to reapply my deodorant at least once during the hot and humid New York summer days, this gave me a full day of coverage.  And for the picky product user: each deodorant in this collection is available in Clear Gel and Invisible Solid forms.

Would you try? 



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