Authorities have one more tool at their disposal in determining what happened the day that Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer.

Audio of the incident was inadvertently captured while a neighborhood resident, who chooses to remain anonymous, was trying to get his mack on during a video chat, CNN reports.

While the resident can be heard telling an unidentitied chat buddy that he thinks they’re incredibly attractive, there are about 10 pops in the background, which he later determined were actually shots that Ferguson, Missouri, officer Darren Wilson fired at the unarmed teen.

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According to CNN, the FBI is currently analyzing the tape to determine whether or not it’s an authentic recording of the incident. If it is, audio expert Paul Ginsberg told the news outlet that it might hurt Darren’s case if there is even the slightest discrepancy between his report and the audio.

“This will test the credibility of the officer and whatever else is included in the official report as to how many shots were fired, what type of weapon was used, was it reloaded,” said Paul.

It should be noted that there was an audible pause between the first six gunshots and the final four.

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Several witnesses to the incident have spoken out on what they saw transpire before Michael died, and the results of an autopsy have also been revealed. Audio of the incident could give witness testimony a bit more legal weight than it currently has.

The authenticity of the audio has yet to be verified, but the FBI is working to confirm that it did get peripheral audio of the shooting.


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